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Treat Your Home To A Little Luxury With Shutters

Shutters are known for leaving a lasting impression and are conveniently suited for both classic and contemporary tastes. With a vintage look and feel about them as well as many functional benefits, it is easy to see why shutters blend in so beautifully with any home. 

Aside from offering a modern yet timeless design, shutters can also help you add value to your property. They come in four variations; timber, premium wood-look and aluminium window shutters, and roller shutters. 

Our incredible selection of custom-made shutters lets you transform your house instantly, with their raw beauty, practicality and strength. Making the right choice can be overwhelming, which is why we are here to help.

Why Our Shutters?

  • Strong and durable: Resistant to water, moisture and UV
  • Tailor-made for you in our local factory
  • Complete privacy and protection from the sun
  • No cords – Great for child and pet safety
  • Quality Guarantee of up to 20 years
  • Motorised operation available
  • Choice of a range of finishes
  • Superior light control

Plantation Shutters - Timber and PVC

Plantation shutters give off a colonial vibe and look particularly stunning in coastal homes. However they can be a breath of fresh air to any indoor space with their unique features, while adding to kerbside appeal. 


They come in both timber and PVC finishes, with attributes in looks and functionality that are enduring through time. From saving energy to helping you better protect your interiors from the harsh rays of the sun, plantation shutters pack in a punch.


Anything made out of timber gets a whole lot of love. The natural look, warmth and feel of timber is unmatched, and it is also elegant and effortlessly chic. So of course when it is used as a feature in your home, the effect is magnified. 


Timber window furnishings are seen as a luxurious, almost elite, option. People almost always tend to comment on them with something like, ‘Oh wow, is this all timber?’ And the reason for this is because it is often assumed to be a very expensive thing. Our timber shutters however, are budget-friendly without compromising on the material’s best qualities. They are also made specific to your requirements. No matter the shape and style of your windows and doors, we can build you shutters to suit.


We only use the best quality materials, and for this reason we use hardwood. Not only is it famed for durability, it is a dignified and striking material. It never ages, and is neutral enough to be fit into any space, from bedrooms to study rooms and kids’ rooms.



It is likely that once you decide to install timber shutters in some parts of your home, you will want the same look throughout. However, timber cannot be used in specific areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, where they are exposed to water and moisture on the regular. Of course if you are able to keep up maintenance then that is a different story, but it does demand a lot in terms of care.

For this reason, wood-look shutters may be a suitable alternative. Consisting of tough PVC, they are built to withstand water. They can also be effectively used for any windows facing the exterior.


If outdoor blinds are not really something you are keen on, why not consider aluminium shutters? With all the same great functional benefits as indoor shutters, you get to enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about privacy or light. The shutter slats with their superior autonomy means you get to control both of these aspects with precision. 

Our aluminium shutters are highly practical and visually appealing at the same time. They are built for exterior use, and are quite adept at handling all types of weather events. Additionally, we use a chip-resistant powder-coating to enhance their usability. As they can also span wider than average shutters, you can expect better views.

Not only are these shutters low on maintenance and able to conform to any type of installation, they are also a stylish and budget-friendly choice.

Explore our range of aluminium shutters in a wide selection of finishes, colours and styles. They are the ideal addition to any space that needs to delicately balance natural light with privacy.


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Where do we begin with roller shutters?


These incredible things are typically classified as ‘window furnishings’, however they offer much more than that definition. Their benefits are many, and it certainly helps that they also satisfy aesthetics at the same time. 


Once upon a time, roller shutters were viewed as more of a commercial need. You may remember seeing older versions that were clunkier, as they were great for security. In fact, roller shutters are still widely used commercially for this very reason. However over time, they have slimmed down and become more streamlined making them very appealing. This has made them more favoured for residential purposes, along with a few other reasons like insulation. 


Insulation is a priority around here, and we love a product that does not compromise on this. Because of their structure and the way they ‘hug’ your windows/ doors, air transfer simply cannot be facilitated. This means that no matter the time of year, your home’s temperature is regulated.


Additionally, they offer complete peace of mind thanks to their security. No intruder can break through them, which is great even for when you are away. They even help block out outside noise and can protect you and your home from natural disasters such as bushfires.

Most often assume that roller shutters do not have many options when it comes to customisation. Absolutely not true! We have roller shutters in a dazzling variety of hues that you can choose from to match your theme or create a focal point. 

Customised To Any Shape

While shutters date back to quite some time ago, they are by no means outdated. Over the years, they have undergone various modifications that make them very contemporary today. Their beauty and allure today is perhaps owing to this unique merging of time and aesthetics, embedding themselves firmly as a staple in the industry.

Here is a look at some of the different types of shutter styles available:


These shutters consist of multiple panels that use a single smooth motion. They are most popularly used for wide spaces like doorways or large windows and create an impressive look.


Got a sliding door? These shutters are specifically designed for this purpose so you can match your entire home.


The top and bottom panels of these shutters function separately, giving you more autonomy for controlling light, sight and privacy. Great for when you want to curl up and relax.


These shutters will transport you to another world. With inspiration from the chic style of the French, you can transform your home into a European dream.

Why Opt For Shutters?

  • Precise light and privacy control
  • Alluring look and beautiful finish
  • Give your home a new look and personality
  • Distinctive and versatile

Tips 'n Tricks

To make the whole process of deciding on the right shutters easier on yourself, it helps to have a look at the below:

  • Are they for interior or exterior use?
  • Will they be exposed to a lot of water in either scenario?
  • What kind of ambience do you want the space to give off?
  • How big is the space? Some shutters may make the space seem overcrowded

What’s more, you can also motorise your shutters which means that you can now install and operate them even in those tricky areas.

Start by booking an appointment with one of our expert consultants for an in-home consultation to assess your unique needs.


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Perry Wiles
Perry Wiles
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Very happy
Very happy with our new extendable awning - it will be just the thing for summer barbecues. Also very happy with the friendly, efficient and competent installation by the team!
Lorna G.
Lorna G.
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If I could give 10 stars I would
All was done without any hassle, in short time, and the service I received when ordering made it so easy. Highly recommend.
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Jennifer I.
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Look no further you won't be disappointed!
Really great product and service with excellent communication with all the covid delays. Installation was seamless and it looks amazing!
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Excellent service
Prompt follow up, even with supply delays. On time for appointments and we are very happy with products and installation.
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