For Unrivalled Elegance, It's Always Curtains

Choose Curtains For A Stunning, Tasteful and Functional Space

Thanks to their light and noise reduction capabilities coupled with their pure sense of elegance and luxury, it’s no surprise that curtains remain an interior design staple.
Perhaps you want to make a style statement, or are just looking for a way to make your home more… well, homely. Choosing the right curtains can help you achieve your vision.

Whether you want to infuse a touch of sophistication and drama or neutralise a space, curtains have a wide range of colours and textures to suit all tastes. They can also be used on their own or paired, as sheer curtains and blockouts usually are. You can elevate their effect by opting for banding and trims, which create refinement and offer a stylish finish.

To add the cherry on top, did you know we can make curtains specifically for your unique needs?

Why KRC?

  • A stunning selection of curtain fabrics
  • Tailor-made for your specifications
  • Made locally in our own factory
  • Sheer and blockout variations
  • Light and privacy control with UV protection
  • Reduction in energy bills
  • Product guarantee
  • Highest quality
  • Motorisation and manual options

Choose Your Style​​

Long gone are the days of making do with whatever curtain options were available at the corner retail store. It’s likely you had to make your peace with letting go of the finer details you had in mind, simply because they weren’t an option. However by personalising your curtains, you can end up with a result far beyond your expectations. Some of the ways you can do this includes picking the style of pleating, tracks, banding/ trims, fabrics and tiebacks. 


You may also have never heard of some of these before, so allow us to walk you through them in detail below.

Choose Your Pleats











Choose Your Tracks

Paying attention to features such as curtain tracks is an important part of the process as they are a necessary part of the design. They serve a very real purpose by being both visually appealing and practical. Our tracks are all made up of a high quality powder-coated aluminium that blend in seamlessly with your scheme.

We have a range of track options that go well with any heading style. Double-tracks are an option if you want to layer your curtains, which is a fantastic way to add some texture and enhance the overall look.

Why Opt For Curtain Tracks?

  • More discreet than curtain poles
  • They give the illusion of higher ceilings, and create a streamlined, clean look
  • Can be fitted to any type of window, and can be painted in any colour for ‘invisibility’
  • Suits cord-drawn, hand-drawn and motorised operations
Banding and Trims

For a decorative finish or pop of colour, our production team can add banding and trims across the top, bottom or sides of your curtains.


Sit back and relax. Our expert consultants bring our range of fabric samples to you, so you don’t have to imagine what they’d look like.

If you want to tone down your space, choose complementing/ neutral fabrics for a subtler finish. If you want the room to grab attention, opt for fabrics that give you a bold colour contrast. As you work your way through the options, you’ll find that each fabric type comes with its own features and benefits. These can include how heavy the fabric is, along with transparency, versatility and maintenance, as well as thermal insulation and fire resistance.

TIP: Unsure of how the fabric performs against light? Hold up a fabric sample to sunlight and observe how light filters through. What sort of mood does it give off? Is it bright and bubbly or more refined and casual?

Curtain Tiebacks

Practical as well as decorative. To pull your curtains to the side for a lighter, more formal look, tie backs are the perfect addition. We have a range of tiebacks in different shapes, sizes and finishes. 

Tips 'n Tricks

Our curtains are available in Blockout, Sheer, Double, Lined and Soft Weave. Here are some ways you can put them to good use:
TIP: Combine blockout and sheer curtains to completely prevent light from entering a space or to filter light as you need it. You can leave your blockouts open when you’re not home and leave your sheers drawn to protect your interiors from the sun, while letting light in and limiting visibility into the home.

TIP: If you want to create a sense of height, hang your curtains above the window itself. The higher you go, the more dramatic it gets. Some like to have them hang from the ceiling, or even below the pelmet. 

You can do the same with width by going from wall-to-wall. 

Last but not least, we highly recommend opting for pelmets. Designed to hide the mechanisms, they offer a clean, neat finish. This ensures the eye only sees your beautiful curtains, and nothing else. 

Ready to get started on your new curtains? Book an appointment with our local experts today.


Don’t believe us? No hard feelings. We’ll let our previous customers share their experiences instead.
Perry Wiles
Perry Wiles
Verified Buyer
Very happy
Very happy with our new extendable awning - it will be just the thing for summer barbecues. Also very happy with the friendly, efficient and competent installation by the team!
Lorna G.
Lorna G.
Verified Buyer
If I could give 10 stars I would
All was done without any hassle, in short time, and the service I received when ordering made it so easy. Highly recommend.
Jennifer I.
Jennifer I.
Verified Buyer
Look no further you won't be disappointed!
Really great product and service with excellent communication with all the covid delays. Installation was seamless and it looks amazing!
Verified Buyer
Excellent service
Prompt follow up, even with supply delays. On time for appointments and we are very happy with products and installation.
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