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Custom-made Luxury Blinds To Cover As Much Or As Little As You Like

What does ‘home’ mean for you?

For almost everyone, home is a place of sanctuary. Somewhere you can escape the world and be surrounded by the people and things you love. Naturally, you want your home to reflect the type of person you are, while also meeting all your functional requirements.


Window furnishings are a key part of that functionality. Blinds in particular have the ability to offer precise light and privacy control, especially as they are available in a range of variations. Why is this important? Let us paint you a picture. 


There you are on a Saturday afternoon, feeling like all’s right with the world. You’ve had a tiring but productive week at work, and you feel like you deserve this time of doing nothing at all. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping, ripe conditions for a lazy afternoon. So you decide to catch up on the new Season of Ozark, determined to not leave the couch until it’s done. You take some time choosing just the right snack, and settle yourself in with the remote. Ah… bliss! The intro music kicks in and off you go on your marathon.


But wait! What is that on your screen? A streak of light? No matter, that is a quick fix you tell yourself. So you leave your nest to handle it, only to find that a new glare has taken its place. You soon begin to realise this is a game of cat and mouse. 


Now imagine the exact same scenario, but at night, in the middle of Winter. And instead of glare, you are simply trying to stay warm. Several trips to the thermostat have proven fruitless and you are almost crying in frustration. Your drink is tepid at best, and you are back to square one. All you want to do is watch your favourite show in comfort! Is that too much to ask?


These are just all too common situations in most households. The good news is that it is all easily solved with something as simple as indoor blinds. 


Did you know that glass windows are poor insulators? They are responsible for over 30% of the air typically lost in a home. This also means that you are likely paying 30% extra on your energy bills when you do not need to.

Choosing the right window blinds can eliminate these issues in one go. Say goodbye to those never-ending issues with glare and insulation, all while focusing exclusively on your specific needs.

Why KRC?

  • Custom-made in Australia in our very own factory
  • A local servicing team for continued support
  • An extensive range of designs, colours, styles and fabrics
  • Generous warranties of up to 10 years
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Over 50 years’ experience in the industry

Fabric Transparency

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Light Filter

Automating Your Window Blinds

When shopping for anything nowadays, people have come to expect one thing; convenience. And if technology can bring about that convenience in some form, we are all for it.

With everything technology has achieved so far, it is no surprise seeing it being also utilised for blinds. So if manually operating your blinds seems like a tiresome task, automating them could be the solution. You can opt for your blinds to be either chain-operated or motorised. Additionally, both variations are 100% child-safe as they are designed with this in mind.

Our innovative collection of motorised blinds pairs with your Smart Home. You can control them via your voice or mobile phone.

  • Precise and automatic control based on location
  • Custom schedules and set timers can be established with additional scenes and timers
  • Voice-activated
  • Superior control via any iOS or Android system smartphone or tablet
  • Ability to group blinds together based on room or scene

One system to rule them all.

Our Extensive Range Of Window Blinds

Layer 109
Single Roller Blinds

Opt for blockouts for an uninterrupted sleep or light filtering for when you want better light control. Look forward to superior insulation, privacy and automation.


Layer 110
Double Roller Blinds

Two blinds are better than one. Double-rollers are two blinds that run on a single bracket, typically one blockout and a screen/ light filter. Switch between the two to go from day to night with ease.

Plantation Shutters

For modern, timeless, and functional design it’s got to be the ‘champagne of window furnishings’, Plantation shutters. Water, moisture, and UV resistant, they’re strong and durable and available in a range of finishes. Their protective coating also prevents from fading and cracking.

Layer 112
Panel Glides

Stately and regal, panel glides are mainly used for wider spaces such as large windows/ doors and sliding doors/ bi-fold doors. However, they also moonlight as chic room dividers. They are light, move fluidly, and panels can be easily replaced if damaged. They are also very user-friendly.


Layer 113
Roman Blinds

With their crisp, clean lines and frame, Roman blinds are a unique blend of the old and the new. Their soft fabric panels are attached to a slick operational system, and are great for balancing sharp features in a room.

Venetian Blinds

Classic style, modern traits. Maintenance free and water-resistant, with options including timber, premium wood-look (PVC) and aluminium. Perfect for precise light and view control.

Layer 115

This is easily our super blind. With superior temperature control and regulation thanks to their innovative design, Honeycomb blinds have been tried and tested to reduce energy bills by around 30%. Their light gaps are also much lower when compared to their market peers; 2.5mm vs. 10-15mm avg. Additionally, they can muffle exterior sounds by up to 55% and be fitted across a variety of window types. The secret is in their cells that make up the blind, which incorporate smart Perma-cell technology so they keep their unique shape. 


Layer 116
Vertical Blinds

These blinds are made up of individual slats/ smart fabric blades which can be rotated 180-degrees. They also operate only on a single wand. Aside from being super easy to clean, they are also especially suited for property investors, particularly in the rental market. Choose from a wide range of fitting and colour variations.



Hit the sweet spot between blinds and curtains by opting for veri shades. As soft as curtains, they are also as versatile as blinds. They have no cords or chains whatsoever, and so are especially favoured for homes with kids as they are also stain-resistant. Minimal maintenance, durability and practicality as well as ease of operation makes them a firm favourite. 

Fabric Textures For All

Our extensive and exclusive selection of blind fabrics are available in luxurious textures and a wide range of patterns. They have also been designed to stand up against Australia’s infamous weather conditions.


What’s more, you can customise the fabric that’s right for you based on your personal preferences and vision. Choose from stylishly textured blockout/ screen fabrics for bedrooms, prints that are resistant to moisture for bathrooms/ laundry rooms, and fun, fruity pastel prints for the kitchen as well as dinosaur prints for the kids’s room. They can all be adapted to suit your existing décor.

Insulation Options

Did you know that the cold air creeping in through your windows is responsible for 60% of the cold you typically feel in your home? 


You can combat this with the addition of a headbox and side-channels along with your blinds. Aside from keeping out that cold air, they are also great for blocking out any light that peeks through. And in Summer, they help maintain a stable temperature all day long, so your home is always cosy no matter the time of year.


Feeling out-of-depth when it comes to products and making the right choices? We’re here to assist. Our expert consultants will bring the showroom to you, and help you find options that are in-keeping with your style, taste and vision.

Do I Choose Window Blinds Or Curtains?

Confused about whether you should go for blinds or curtains?

While it all boils down to your personal choice, at the same time it can be confusing especially when faced with many different options. 

Which is why we wanted to make it easier on you, by outlining each of their features and benefits, so you can make a decision with more clarity.



Don’t believe us? No hard feelings. We’ll let our previous customers share their experiences instead.
Perry Wiles
Perry Wiles
Verified Buyer
Very happy
Very happy with our new extendable awning - it will be just the thing for summer barbecues. Also very happy with the friendly, efficient and competent installation by the team!
Lorna G.
Lorna G.
Verified Buyer
If I could give 10 stars I would
All was done without any hassle, in short time, and the service I received when ordering made it so easy. Highly recommend.
Jennifer I.
Jennifer I.
Verified Buyer
Look no further you won't be disappointed!
Really great product and service with excellent communication with all the covid delays. Installation was seamless and it looks amazing!
Verified Buyer
Excellent service
Prompt follow up, even with supply delays. On time for appointments and we are very happy with products and installation.
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