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We know how much Australia loves spending time outdoors. In fact, it’s one of our favourite pastimes. So you can imagine how important it is for us to help you create the perfect outdoor space in your home to enjoy all year.


Think about it. Even if we are not camping out in the bush or around a barbie, we love to enjoy a sunset from the verandah with a drink in hand. Or spend some time splashing in the pool with loved ones. It has always been about spending time together, no matter how it is done.


Cue a grand Australian storm into the mix though, and it puts a dampener on everything. It’s no fun trying to continue the party when everyone and everything is soaked through, and not in a good way. 


There’s an easy fix for this, so you can stay protected from the weather and insects – by installing the right shade, you can make the most of your home by experiencing all it has to offer, while also adding value to it. 


Awnings can help you do just that. They can not only extend an existing space like your patio for instance, but also create a whole new one. Couple this with the fact that they’re aesthetically appealing, and you have yourself a winner. 

Why KRC?

  • Suitable for both private and commercial purposes
  • Innovative designs
  • Exceptional fabric quality
  • Custom-made in our local factory
  • Complete privacy and protection from the weather
  • Warranty of up to 5 years
  • Choose from manual and motorised operation

Product Options

Alpha SRS Outdoor Blind

Your Alpha SRS can be customised for any space, and used to create an extra room by enclosing your courtyard, patio or balcony. It also offers complete protection throughout the seasons, all year round.

Semina By Weinor

As a retractable awning, the Semina is suited for almost any space and occasion. Don’t let its simple, streamline structure fool you; this awning is geared to withstand rough weather conditions and can hold its own.

Untitled design (3)
Cassita II by Weinor

Hailing from Germany, the Cassita II boasts an elegant structure designed to help it easily integrate into a space. It comes complete with a cassette, which keeps the fabric and mechanisms protected for durability. Additionally, the Cassita II has a special surprise in store: LED lighting!


Plaza Viva by Weinor

Another contender from Germany, the Plaza Viva self-mounts and functions with the simple touch of a button. If you were looking for ‘smart’ awnings that are self-sufficient, this is it. 

Sintesi Retractable Roof

Complete with a rain gutter and downpipe system that has been discreetly integrated into the sleek mounting frame, the Italian-designed Sintesi is both exceedingly functional and great to look at.

Sundream Awnings

The Sundream aims to reduce the amount of heat/ light making its way into your interior spaces. Merging the indoors and outdoors,  its aluminium guide tracks ensures it’s built to last and free of maintenance. If you opt for the self-mount option, then you also don’t need an existing structure. 

Zipscreen Awnings

When it comes to keeping the party going, the Zipscreen has got you covered. Quite literally. These awnings are excellent for keeping out everything, from rain, sun and wind to pesky insects. They are also sleeker than your regular awning.

Window Awnings

Our window awnings are a simple and convenient way of improving airflow and steering heat/ light away from your interiors. They are suited to both ground and top floor levels, whilst a wide range allows you to customise to your needs.

Folding Arm Awnings

The Folding Arm range of awnings consists of 5 types of awnings:  Discus, Stratos I, Stratos II, and Stratos III. This is a highly versatile awning, as you can draw it back when you want the sun shining down on you.

Why Opt For Awnings?​​

  • Claim back your outdoor spaces
  • Expand your living areas 
  • Enhance your lifestyle
  • Contemporary solutions for all types of weather
  • A cosy, private nook to retreat into 


All our fabrics have been tried and tested, which means you can have peace of mind with our 10-year warranty.

Each of these fabrics has been carefully designed and manufactured with Australia’s weather in mind. They are built to withstand even the gustiest conditions and scorching heat, while looking fabulous all the while. You can even customise colours with options like the Folding Arm awnings for instance.

Our fabrics are not one-size-fits-all. Each type of awning has its own specific fabric, as an individual awning’s performance depends on its entire build.

Bear in mind that there are many variations, so when selecting your fabric there are a few things to keep in mind:


Air flow

If airflow is not at the top of your list, then clear PVC may be a good contender. It also lets you enjoy your views. If you want a cool, healthy breeze flowing through however and are looking at enclosing a verandah/ patio, an open weave fabric that includes 10% openness will help.


Awning fabrics spend all their time outdoors, which means they are constantly fighting against the elements. This means they are also more prone to soiling. However, DURAGUARD® Fabric Protection is a feature that fights against things like odours, bacteria, mildew and fungi build-up, as well as stains.

Colour fastness

Your awning will look worse for wear if you do not consider colour fastness with your fabric. It needs to be fade-resistant to the sun. A good way to measure this is by assessing the fade-resistance capability, which should be 6 or above. This ensures your awning will look as fresh as it did for some time to come.

Privacy and view through

Every situation is different, so it is important to think about the type of privacy you want. Choose between open and closed weave fabrics for daytime or nighttime privacy. For instance, a dark fabric with an open weave will give you uninterrupted views during the day, but allow others to see you at night.


Mesh | Canvas | Clear PVC | Acrylic

Tips 'n Tricks

Awnings are widely used for both commercial and retail spaces. Requirements across both of these can be wide and varied, so it helps to have a checklist to refer to, like the below:

Your aim: What is the purpose of the awning? Where will it be installed and how will it be utilised? For instance, a window awning will not be right to cover a patio. Each area will have its own unique needs, so identify these clearly first.

Space: Folding Arm and Retractable awnings are probably the most versatile as they have more manoeuvrability. This means that they can usually fit easily into almost any space. However, sometimes you have constraints you just cannot do anything about. In such cases, it is more about functionality than first preference.

Fabric: We have covered this in a bit more depth above, but the general rule of thumb is to match your fabric to your awning. Once again, knowing exactly what your awning is for will help here. However, our team is at the ready to walk you through it all to make it as easy as possible.


Don’t believe us? No hard feelings. We’ll let our previous customers share their experiences instead.
Perry Wiles
Perry Wiles
Verified Buyer
Very happy
Very happy with our new extendable awning - it will be just the thing for summer barbecues. Also very happy with the friendly, efficient and competent installation by the team!
Lorna G.
Lorna G.
Verified Buyer
If I could give 10 stars I would
All was done without any hassle, in short time, and the service I received when ordering made it so easy. Highly recommend.
Jennifer I.
Jennifer I.
Verified Buyer
Look no further you won't be disappointed!
Really great product and service with excellent communication with all the covid delays. Installation was seamless and it looks amazing!
Verified Buyer
Excellent service
Prompt follow up, even with supply delays. On time for appointments and we are very happy with products and installation.
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